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Stop missing critical milestones due to coordination errors and start using BidSight’s platform to ensure that your team is always on the same page

Seamless Collaboration

Our interactive document and drawing management platform allows your team to collaborate in real time on the most up to date information

Clear Deadlines

Our real-time, shared scheduling feature ensures that the full project team is always aware of the critical path

Templated Workflows

Stop recreating the wheel on every project. Create your own templated workflows to institutionalize your best practices

True Accountability

Link tasks directly to schedule milestones and project documents, creating transparent workflows
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Schedule Management

Missed deadlines kill deals

BidSight's real-time, collaborative scheduling platform enables developers to effortlessly coordinate schedules across all team members
Build, edit, and maintain your schedule with ease
Add milestones to your project stages for granular control
Share your project schedule with stakeholders in a single click
Task management

Next level accountability

Assign, track and prioritize tasks with centralized task management, tied directly to project documents and deadlines
Create and assign tasks to your team
Tie tasks directly to project documents or future deliverables
Filter and view tasks by assignee, specialty, and status
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Dashboard mockup
Document & Drawing Management

Always stay on the same page

BidSight’s versioned document management provides a single source of truth for project drawings and documents, ensuring your team can work with confidence
Project documents are automatically categorized and versioned
Seamlessly provide or restrict access to your documents based on role
Traverse and compare documents seamlessly across all your projects